MaryAnn graduated with honors from Seattle Massage School in 1994 and, after practicing in clinical and spa settings, has found the gym environment to be best for her work. She has treated everyone from world class athletes to inspirational 70-year-olds who are breaking the old models of aging.
MaryAnn is the winner of PBS WXXI young animator awards, won a full scholarship to The Cooper Union, done practical effects for filmmakers, was part of the American Craft Council Shows, and continues to show her work around the Seattle area. Her whole life has been spent drawing, painting, and building.

She is represented by the NYC Art Collective.
As a student with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia who was diagnosed late, MaryAnn learned the value of an individualized education plan. When ordinary public school did not meet her son's needs, she began to study learning styles, school models, and the history of education so that she could homeschool him. In effect, she homeschooled herself on the topic of homeschooling.